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You might not know, but Barbados is one of the Caribbean’s best surfing destinations. This 166 square mile island is scattered with breaks on every coast, some of which are suitable for all levels of surfer, even beginners. It all really depends on the swell and time of year.

Surf Barbados by Janine Banfield East coast by Janine Banfield East coast by Janine Banfield

Generally, the best swells hit Barbados between November to April, when cold fronts are rampant. This also means some of the best surfers pop over for a quick session, because when you have the perfect North swell, the entire East and West coast goes off! So, even if you don’t want to risk the wipe-out, you’ll be privy to some pretty amazing surfing, some of us only get to watch on TV.

Summer time can sometimes (or most often) be less productive in terms of wave action (unless of course a hurricane is passing higher up the chain), and is one of the best times to learn how to surf in Barbados. Surf breaks like Freights Bay and Surfer’s Point, even at their smallest, are generally surf-able and offer the most forgiving waves. On the 10 footer foam boards that you will be learning to surf on, anything’s possible.

 Barry's Surf School Barry's Surf School Barry's Surf School

If you’re at the intermediate level or higher but are not familiar with Barbados’ surf breaks, hire Surf Barbados for a tour and to learn the best spots to enter the water and come in after a session. Barry Banfield, the surf instructor of Surf Barbados, will also show you the no-go zones of which there are quite a few, especially on the East coast of the island.

Barry's Surf School Scuba dive and snorkel on the Optimist Barry's Surf School

Owners & Operators of Surf Barbados, Barry Banfield and his lovely wife Christie, will ensure your Barbados Surfing adventure is one of a kind. Along with surf tours, Barry can also set you up with surf lessons, surfboard rentals and even car rentals for surfers.

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