Barbados Sea Adventures


When in Barbados, what better to do than enjoy the 3 S’s – Sun, Sea and Sand by getting involved in any one (or all) of these Barbados sea adventures:


Did you know Barbados is one of the best surfing destinations in the Caribbean? Waves can be found on every coast at certain times of the year, dependent on conditions. Barbados boasts waves for beginners, intermediates and advance surfers.

Surfing in Barbados
Advance surfing

The South coast breaks biggest during the more windy months of the year (December to May) and the best surf spots include Brandons, Freights Bay and South Point. The East coast of the island has a more consistent surf break and is better suited for advance surfers due to wave size and conditions. If you know your stuff, then be sure to stop at Soup Bowl, Bathsheba. Known for its calm aqua blue waters, the West coast tends to get some awesome waves when a cold front approaches creating a “North swell”. A North swell also causes overhead to sometimes double overhead waves on the East coast which gets the surf enthusiasts and spectators out in droves. On the West coast, you should check out Batts Rock, Sandy Lane and the gnarly Tropicana (although be careful, Tropicana is shallow and has lots of fire coral you DO NOT want to come in contact with). There are a few other sweet spots in between but the local surfers like to keep those under wraps!

Barry's Surf School
Barry's Surf School

If you wish to learn how to surf or already a surfer and not sure where to go, check out Surf Barbados Surf School, where Barry Banfield, local surf guru, and his wife Christy offer the best surf lesson/tours on the island.

Stand Up Paddling (SUP)

Stand Up Paddling (SUP) is the latest water sport craze to hit Barbados! It is fun and a great way to exercise. Some of the most popular Barbados beaches for SUP are Carlisle Bay on the South coast and Batts Rock on the West coast.

Paddle Barbados

You are never too old or young to try SUP. Grab a group of friends or family or escape for a while on your own. We recommend Paddle Barbados who are located on Carlisle Bay to book a SUP lesson or tour. To Maximize your experience, Paddle Barbados give beginners an introductory to SUP and instructions on how to use the equipment. Afterwards, the instructor will take you out across the Bay and you may even have a turtle swim under your board while you are there! More experienced SUP boarders can rent a board for the day and hit the water on the South coast, soak up fabulous views on the West coast or enjoy the thrill of the waves on the East coast.

Windsurfing & Kitesurfing

Windsurfing has been around for many years however kitesurfing or kiteboarding as it is often referred to, has become more popular in Barbados in recent years. Both allow you the pleasure of skimming over the water with only the wind to guide you or let you down, however kitesurfing gives you that extra thrill when you catch the perfect wave and blast of wind to go flying through the air. The best times for these two sports are from end of November to the end of June. This is when the cooling trade winds blow with high consistency at a moderate wind speed. The best waves are from November to February.


The three main areas to windsurf or to kitesurf are Silver Rock Beach, Silver Sands Beach and Oistins Bay. Long beach is also a decent location but a bit more remote. Silver Sands Beach is home to de Action Shop and local windsurfing and kitesurfing legend, “de Action Man”, Brian Talma. This is a perfect location for lessons but the conditions are also ideal for experienced kiters, with waves off the outer reef and flat water in the inner lagoon for tricks. It is rated the best spot in the Caribbean for advanced windsurfing. Silver Rock beach is perfect for wave sailing, providing the easiest and most convenient launch for everyone, from beginner to advanced sailors. Oistins Bay is generally flat and calm which makes it perfect for beginners and intermediate sailors. For lessons on both windsurfing & kitesurfing you can contact de Action Shop or Endless Kiteboarding Barbados.

Scuba Diving

Barbados is ideal for year-round diving and offers great dive sites which should not be missed! The visibility ranges from 40 ft to 70ft and the water temperature is a consistent 80 degrees F.

Power Boats
Power Boats

With Powerboats Diving and Tours Barbados you can experience both reef and wreck dives where many different species of fish, sea turtles, coral and sponges can be seen. A popular wreck is the “Stavronikita” which is a dive ranging from 70 ft to 100 ft deep. Other wreck sites are the “Padmir” and Carlisle Bay which have a number of wrecks to explore ranging from 20 ft to 50 ft deep. Powerboats Diving and Tours Barbados even offer certification courses for those first time divers who would like to get an idea of what scuba diving is all about.


The warm waters off the cost of Barbados offer ideal fishing for Barracuda, Tuna, King Fish or Wahoo, Dolphin (Dorado), and the Marlin species.


There are several chartering companies which offer deep sea fishing and tours off the coast of the coast. The charters include drinks, all tackle and bait and depending on the length of the tour you can also get a tasty lunch. Fishing is particularly good between January and April when all of the game fish are in season. Two fishing charters that we recommend are Legacy Fishing Charters and High Seas Barbados Fishing Charters for a good time.


There’s nothing better than sailing across the South or West coast of Barbados feeling the wind in your hair, catching the sun rays with a drink in hand and watching the coast line go. All the while, jamming to lively music playing in the background.


When the boats anchor you can snorkel with a shoal of fish, swim with turtles or just admire the vibrant under water sea life, followed by some great food. Whether you’re looking for a quiet sail down the coast of Barbados, an exciting water sports adventure, or a romantic sunset cruise, you’ll find sailing in Barbados to be simply delightful! We recommend the following catamaran companies to book your sail with: R & R Cruising, Jammin’, Cool Runnings, and Tiami Catamaran Cruises.

Dry underwater adventures

If under the sea is where you want to be, enjoy the family friendly, Atlantis Submarine. This adventure is definitely one of the most unique and highly recommended attractions in Barbados.

Atlantis Submarine
Atlantis Submarine

Take a scenic cruise on the Ocean Quest ferry to the dive site. Upon boarding the submarine the crew gives a safety & information briefing. Once fully submerged in the Caribbean Sea, gaze out the port holes to see the curious fish swim by and enjoy a tour over the shipwreck at 130 feet down. Day and night tours are offered for an experience never to forget.

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