10 uses for your dryer sheets


Searching for an easy way to delete odors, get rid of bugs, freshen up your pets AND your cupboards? All of this and more, without having to purchase deodorizers in all shapes and sizes. Most of you will have this genius product at home. No matter the brand, these brilliantly thin, light and ‘sweet’ smelling gifts from mankind, can be used to:

1. Give the clothes in your closet & chest of drawers that ‘just washed smell’

Cut one dryer sheet into four pieces and place to the back and front of each drawer/closet. (Tried & tested! This works for shoes as well.)

2. Remove dust off of vanities and side tables

Wipe surfaces with a dryer sheet and achieve a clean surface with a great smell. (Tried & tested!)

3. Fend off pesky mozzies

Tuck a dryer sheet in your back pocket and (apparently) they run for the hills.


4. Freshen up your car’s interior

Attach a dryer sheet to the air vent to allow the scent to circulate through your car. (Tried & tested)


5. Eliminate that wet dog smell from your wet dog

Give your mutt a good rub with a dryer sheet to have him smelling clean & fresh in a matter of minutes (will definitely be trying this, rainy season in Barbados n’ all!)

6. Deodorize  your bathroom

Scrunch a dryer sheet up and place in the toilet roll. Every time the roll spins, a waft of goodness is expelled. ;p (Neat idea!)


7. Prevent musty odors on bookshelves

Cut sheet into 4 and place intermittently throughout your books and to the back of your bookshelf. (Tried & tested!)


8. Capture lint

Use the sheet from your last dryer load and wipe surfaces of your washing machine and dryer to remove fuzzy bits. (Tried & tested)

9. Keep knots at bay

When sewing, run your threaded needle through a dryer sheet and then begin to sew. The sheet will keep the thread running smoothly instead of getting tangled up. (First need to learn how to sew!) ;D
(Multiple sources on Alternative uses for Dryer sheets)

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