10 tricks to resolving household annoyances


Here are 10 solutions to household issues that may drive you (a little bit) crazy…

1. When your cushions need a sun tan…

Hang them out on the line (or lay flat in the sunlight). In order to plump up your flattened cushions, rotate once during its two hour long sun tanning session (be careful not to leave out for too long to avoid fading the fabric). The sun gets rid of any moisture build up in the cushion’s filling, allowing a much desired fluffy finish!

1. When your cushions need a sun tan.

2. When it seems mice live under your floors…

Buy some baby powder from the pharmacy and sprinkle over the area of your floor that is producing that creaky noise. Grab your broom and sweep the powder over the spaces in between the boards then wipe away the residual particles.

2. When it seems like mice live under your floors.

3. When your lightbulb is stuck…

Cut a strip of duct tape or heavy duty tape, fold both ends back so the middle is the only part with adhesive powers, and secure to the centre of the lightbulb. Hold on to the non-sticky ends of the tape and turn anti-clockwise to loosen the bulb. This way no pressure is placed directly on the bulb itself (which normally results in breakage!).

2. When a lightbulb is stuck in a socket.

4. When H2O stains your shower…

Prepare the following concoction: mix baking soda with lemon juice (add as much lemon juice as it takes to make a paste). Then, scoop some of the paste up and place on a cloth, then rub the pasted on the stains in the shower or tub. About 40 minutes then wash away well with water.

4. When your shower gains hard water marks.

5. When you inherit stubborn leads…

Everyone experiences tangled leads, wires, telephone extensions, TV cables and computer leads. The one way to avoid the frustrating task of untangling these chords every time one is needed is to twist and turn the lead into a coil, tie each end with twisty’s from your garbage bags and store in a circular storage container.

5. When your leads become stubborn.

6. When you experience ‘door-jam’…

Buy some WD-40 or some sort of silicone spray lubricant. Use an old t-shirt or rag and moisten with the lubricant. Wipe along the tracks of the door, creating a greasy, stick-free environment.

6. When your door refuses to slide.

7. When your non-slip mat means business…

Bring out that WD-40 again, spray around, on and under (if possible) the remnants of the non-slip mat you have on your shower floor. Leave for half an hour and find an old Pricesmart card to gently scrape away the sticky mat. When finished, wash the shower out with some squeezy and water to get rid of the slippery DW-40!

7. When your non-slip mat is there to stay.

8. When a door keeps ‘blamming’…

Buy a door stop! ;p

8. When a door keeps 'blamming'.`

9. When your bamboo cutting board cracks…

Pick up some mineral oil from the pharmacy then boil some water. Place the bottle of mineral oil in the hot water for a while in oder for the oil to warm up. Use a clean cloth, wipe the warm liquid all over the cutting board and leave for half a day. Then wipe the surface again with a clean damp cloth.

9. When your bamboo cutting board dries out.

10. When your hanging fixtures go grey…

Buy a pair of cotton gloves and or use an old pair of white socks. Use Windex or some other glass cleaning substance to wet one of the gloves while keeping the other hand dry. Carefully wipe down each dangly bit with the wet hand followed by the dry to achieve a dust free finish. For higher hanging fixtures, perhaps try  using your cob web broom to gently wipe all over the fixture to remove the dust.

10. When your hanging fixtures go grey.

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