The Right Way to Charter Yachts!


Vacation doesn’t have to be about overcrowded beaches and uncontrollable parties. You can find peace and solitude while being in complete command of your vacation if you choose to charter a yacht. (Contact a Specialist) Charter yachts frequently dock at popular spots in the Caribbean, and they provide guests with the private setting that most adults seek while on vacation. You always have the option to go ashore and join the festivities, but charter yachts have many amenities on board as well!

The right way to charter yachts


With charter yachts readily available from the Bahamas, Mexico, Caribbean islands, Barbados, and Florida Keys among others, you are never far from your next adventure. Shorter flights make for longer vacations! Once you’ve made it to the water, you can charter a skippered sail boat or even be part of a flotilla. Tortola in the British Virgin Islands is an especially popular place for yacht charters, which means there will always be something going on!


Private yacht charters are, by definition, completely personalized. You’ll enjoy a custom menu, a tailored itinerary, and a crew who ensures that you are always comfortable and entertained. Charter vacations allow groups to make their own plans and have a unique experience no one could ever duplicate. Between the great service, exciting new locations, and personalized activities, you will undoubtedly have a vacation like no other.


Making it through the winter is reward in itself so chartering a yacht is icing on the cake. Use your time on board to relax – but don’t forget to explore! The first-person learning experience of witnessing natural marine habitats and the practices of other cultures is one that both adults and kids can appreciate. If your group is inclined toward athletics, you can learn paddle boarding, scuba diving, wind surfing, or kayaking on charter. Hike on the islands or fish from the deck! It’s your vacation.


Taking a vacation doesn’t have to mean a teenager’s “vacation.” Feel free to book an Adults Only trip where you play like a kid (and shop like an adult)! Visit beach bars, dance to Reggae, and drink Painkillers, which are an island specialty and favorite among grown-ups. Sunbathe on deck, sip cocktails, and read a book while reveling in the fact that you’re not at work. Mealtime on board is best for catching up with your friends’ busy lives.


Ideally, your charter would combine family, friends, and any other element that helps you defrost from winter and unwind from work. Yacht charters can sleep up to 12 and will have tech amenities to really get a Caribbean party started. Consider chartering a Catamaran and encourage everyone to hang out together on the “trampoline” portion of the deck. Get posh and charter a sleek, modern motor yacht to visit upscale ports. Or charter a sailing yacht and let the crew show you how it’s done!

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Katie Bauer is an experienced travel writer and editor. Having been a stewardess on private yachts, a crew member for sail races, and a sailmaker in New England, she now specializes in yachting destinations. A frequent traveler, she has studied, worked, and volunteered abroad thus bringing a unique perspective to her content.

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