The Barbados Holetown Festival 2013


The Barbados Holetown Festival was initially held in 1977 to celebrate the first settlement of Barbados, which was in 1627 between February 17th and 20th.

This Barbados festival originally took place on a weekend close to these dates. Being that this event has become so popular, it is now a week long celebration, Sunday to Sunday and in mid-February and is visited by tens of thousands of locals and visiting tourists.

The festival starts off at the Holetown Monument in the centre of the town on the Sunday and throughout the week there is a varied program of culture and Barbadian traditions that are provided to visitors and locals alike. The program includes beauty pageants, concerts with a variety of music, such as Gospel, Classical, Tuk Band and Calypso, as well as Folk Dancing. There is also a display called “Beating the Retreat” by the Barbados Defence Force, and a Flood Lit Tattoo which is put on by the Police.

On the Saturday of Holetown Festival, there is a street fair, where there is a wide selection of vendors’ stalls offering an amazing cross section of Barbadian Arts and Crafts as well as local foods and beverages. In addition,  the most anticipated event of the Holetown Festival on the Sunday is the Vintage Motor Vehicle parade.

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