What to do before selling your Barbados property


What do before selling your Barbados propertyWe wrote an article on how to de-clutter your home back in June, which is definitely an important task to cross off your checklist when trying to sell your property. There are also however, many more to-do’s which you should consider completing if you want to make a first (rememberable) impression with potential purchasers.

First, consider the exterior of your Barbados property for street appeal. The more attractive the outside of your home, the more encouraging it will be for passersby to arrange a viewing and for potential purchasers ON a viewing to like (love) the property from the get-go …

Checklist No. 1

  • Ensure the garden area and driveway at the entrance of the house is tidy.
  • Paint or replace the front door which has some wear and tear.
  • Maintain your lawn area. Overgrown grounds look messy and unkept.
  • Spruce up your garden by planting some colourful flowers for extra appeal.
  • Store, give or throw away clutter in the garage (See Point 3 in the de-clutter post).
  • Fix all minor defects including dripping taps, broken gates or fencing.
  • Power wash all walls, gutters and patios.
  • Ensure your pool and any water feature is clean.

Now, consider the inside of your Barbados property …

Checklist No. 2

  • Update your walls using neutral, contemporary colours which will instantly open up the house.
  • Cover old sofas with new throws and cushions.
  • Change dated floors (if possible).
  • Modernise lighting fixtures
  • Avoid overcrowding a room with too much furniture.
  • Have your curtains and upholstery steam cleaned to get rid of any musty odors.
  • Organize all cupboards.
  • Fix any cracks in the flooring and tiles & patch any holes in the walls.
  • Put away your very personal items. What is precious and dear to you may not be to the potential purchaser.
  • Keep your beds made.

You may not wish to do all of the above, however if you have the budget, we would definitely recommend you try to achieve most.

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