Sailing in Barbados


Barbados is a small island, just 166 sq miles of gently undulating land surrounded by the Ocean. What better to do with that entire ocean than sailing in Barbados?!

Even though sailing in Barbados is not a mainstream sport, there are several sailing enthusiasts on the island and an extensive calendar of events for 2013.


One of the first major sailing events this year will be the Mount Gay Round Barbados Race which will be held on Monday January 21, 2013.

The first ever recorded race around Barbados was held on January 1, 1936. At the time the participants were 5 schooners who were trading in Barbados.


The prize was bragging rights for the fastest “Trading Schooner” which was a title worth its weight in gold in an era where schooners who got their cargo to the island in good time commanded massive premiums.

The consolation prize was a barrel of Mount Gay Rum which had to be discontinued after two boats remained out at sea for days stalling so they could take the prize.


One of the largest events in the Caribbean is the Mount Gay Regatta which is held in May every year and attracts several international competitors.

Mount Gay Rum has is intimately linked to the sailing world and sponsors over 120 regattas around the globe. You can find additional information on the 2013 Barbados sailing calendar here.


Sailing is not just a competitive sport; it is also a rather large tourist attraction here in Barbados.

There are several custom built catamarans offering a variety of cruises which include lunch, snorkelling and jamming to soca music. You can also organise private cruises. These cruises are a brilliant way to see what the South and West coast of the island have to offer.

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