Safety tips for your home


We thought it was a good idea to write an article on measures you can take to keep your loved ones safe within your own home. Unfortunately such an article can not be written in jest, so this one’s a bit serious…

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure…

That should be everyone’s motto when it comes to safety in your own home. The five most common injuries as a result of human error in the home include burns, falls, accidental poisoning, choking and cuts. You can prevent most of these with a few small changes around your home.

Statistically, small children (under the age of five) and older adults (over the age of seventy) are the ones that fall victim to most at-home injuries, but with some care and caution by everyone in the household, you can help to keep your home accident-zone free.

Follow these safety tips for your home and maintain a happy, all 10 fingers and toes household! Oh, and less emergency visits to the doctor as well, which is a HUGE plus! 😉

To prevent burns

  • Stay close to the stove while cooking, especially when placing items to fry!
  • Don’t let the children play in the kitchen or near the stove, while hot.
  • Never cook with loose long sleeves.
  • Invest in a quality pair of oven gloves.
To prevent burns

To avoid falls

  • Make sure your floors and stairs are clutter-free.
  • Purchase non-skid bath mats.
  • Install grab handles for the elderly & baby gates at stairs or entrances for the wee ones.
  • Tape down or replace mats or rugs to avoid tripping on any worn edges.
To avoid falls

To avoid accidental poisoning

  • Keep all medications in securely locked & elevated places.
  • Keep all detergents securely stored. Tide Pods look like candy and have been ingested by too many children causing illness.
  • Latch all cupboards where household cleaners are stored.
To avoid accidental poisoning

To avoid choking

  • Really important if you have small children in your household is to store all small items securely.
  • Be “toy smart”. That is, purchase toys that pass the “toilet tube” test (Basically anything that can fit into a toilet paper tube such as coins, marbles and buttons needs to be kept out of sight).
To avoid choking

To avoid cuts

  • Don’t try to catch a falling knife! Let it fall. You can always wash your knife off, but you can’t replace a severed finger!
  • Use your knives correctly. There are knives for different jobs in the kitchen, so be sure to use the right knife for the right job.
  • Use a cutting board. Holding the item in your hand while cutting it is asking for trouble.
To avoid cuts

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