Frere Pilgrim Lot 7*

This is a grass-covered 2.25 acre lot located to the north-west of the desirable and centrally located Frere Pilgrim community. The property boasts beautiful views across the St. George Valley and enjoys cooling breezes year round. The lot features a unique, exposed rock-face, in a sunken area, which could be incorporated into a stunning landscape design. A sizeable portion of the lot is flat and lends itself to the ideal placement of a home overlooking both the natural beauty of the lot and the valley views. The lot is currently fenced on three sides with cane fields to the north and a vacant lot with trees to the west. There are a number of neighbouring high quality homes to the south and east. The area is accessed via a gravel road through Frere Pilgrim Plantation yard and as was the case of the neighbouring, occupied lots utility services would have to be put in place. The serene setting, removed from road noise, is further enhanced by the presence of a variety of mature trees (black willow, orchid, Bismarck palm and dwarf coconut trees). The lot offers country living yet is close to the many amenities of Haggatt Hall and the South coast.