Land attractions in Barbados Part 1


Barbados may be a small island of only 166 square miles, but there are several wonderful attractions for visitors to enjoy.

Here are some of our favourite options! Don’t forget to bring your camera to capture some amazing scenic images at these locations.

Harrison’s Cave

Harrison’s Cave is a massive underground stream cave system, with huge caverns and breathtaking formations of stalactites and stalagmites. The caves expand over approximately 2.3 kilometres with the largest cavern measuring 15 metres/50 feet high.

Harrison’s Cave is located in the central highlands of the island, in the parish of St. Thomas. There are different types of tours available, from sitting on a tram with a tour guide, to a walk through tour or going through some of the cave’s natural passages as only the early explorers did to see breathtaking crystallized formations.

For more information on Harrison’s Cave click here.

Harrison's Cave

Animal Flower Cave

Another cave that is fun to visit is the Animal Flower Cave, located on the most Northerly point of Barbados. Here, visitors can see sea anemones in the pools of the cave. Some of these pools are even deep enough for swimming. There are also openings in the walls of the cave that look out to sea, offering spectacular views!

After the caves, visitors can stop by the Pirates Tavern Bar and Restaurant, or relax and take in the view of the Atlantic Ocean crashing onto the cliffs below. There are also several small craft stalls as well as jewellery and clothes stall where purchases can be made.

Visitors in March may be lucky enough to see some whales that swim by our shores.

Animal Flower Cave

Barbados has some exquisite gardens to visit with all types of tropical flowers, and our next attraction is a favourite among some of the staff of IGR:

Orchid World

As you can guess from the name, this garden is all about orchids! They are home to over 30,000 exquisite orchids as well as many other tropical plants like the bougainvillea, heliconia, palms, ferns, cacti and succulents to name just a few.

Orchid World is open daily from 9 AM. Admission is BBD $25 for Adults and BBD $10 for Children under 12.

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Orchid World

Hunte’s Gardens

Another wonderful garden to tour is Hunte’s Gardens, located in the parish of St. Joseph. Visitors can walk along the pathways through a naturally formed gully featuring an array of tropical flowers, trees and foliage. Throughout the gardens are statues, antiques and other beautiful decorative pieces that add to this amazing experience.

All gardeners, horticulture or plant enthusiasts will truly enjoy their visit to Hunte’s Gardens for it is truly a beautiful place in Barbados, appealing to all who wish to be mesmerized by nature’s beauty.

Hunte’s Gardens is open daily 10 AM to 4 PM. Admission is BBD $30.

For more information on Hunte’s Gardens click here.

Huntes Gardens

Andromeda Gardens

This six acre garden is nestled on a cliff in St. Joseph overlooking the East coast. There are several varieties of orchids, palms, ferns, heliconia, hibiscus, bougainvillea, begonias and cacti. The garden is complemented by a lovely stream which bisects the land and forms enchanting pools and waterfalls.

Andromeda Gardens is open daily 9 AM to 4.30 PM. Admission is BBD $25 for Adults and BBD $12.50 for Children 6 to 12 years.

Andromeda Gardens

Barbados has several gullies with tropical plants and trees and there are two in particular which offer tours:

Welchman Hall Gully

Located in the centre of the island is the enchanted tropical forest of Welchman Hall Gully. The gully is not far from, and still geologically connected to Harrison’s Cave. Actually, Welchman Hall Gully was formed by the collapsed roofs of caves. The gully is ¾ mile long and filled with exotic tropical plants and trees. Walking through the path you may also see a troop of green monkeys swinging through the trees!

Fun Fact: The grapefruit is originally from Barbados and is rumoured to have started in Welchman Hall Gully.

Welchman Hall Gully is open daily from 9 Am to 4 PM. Admission is BBD $24 for Adults and BBD $12 for Children 5 to 12.

For more information on Welchman Hall Gully click here.

Welchman Hall Gully

Aerial Trek

Adventurous? Then don’t miss out on this exciting tour! Image gliding through the tree tops of Jack-in-the-box Gully. It truly feels like flying (via a zip line of course). The tour has eight platforms each manned by the guides who also provide information on the different areas of the eco-system.

Guest will also enjoy beautiful views of our island and will be provided with great information on the geological formations, which will become apparent during the tour.

For rates and more information on the Aerial Trek tours click here.

Aerial Trek

There are many ways to see our little island in the sun. Hire a car and use a map, arrange a tour with a taxi or take the bus. However, there are hidden beauties around Barbados that one cannot get to or view by car, taxi or bus. Below are some of the special exciting tours you can book:

Segway of Barbados

This is definitely a different way to see our island. The Segway tour is in the rural North Eastern part of the island and is 1 hour and 30 minutes long. Visitors will travel across open fields, rugged cliff tops while taking in the breathtaking views of our island’s coastlines and pounding Atlantic surf.

There are several stops along the way to allow for photo ops’, even some cows and black belly sheep may join the tour! 🙂 One of those stops is a well known beach called Little Bay, where magnificent blow holes and soaking pools can be seen.

For more information on Segway of Barbados click here.


Island Safari

Hop in the back of one of Island Safari’s Land Rover jeeps and see the island like never before. This 4×4 tour travels to some of the most beautiful and picturesque places on the island, inaccessible to the average commuter.

The drivers of the jeeps keep everyone well informed along the way, telling you about the culture, history and folklore of Barbados. The Land Rover jeeps will venture on and off the beaten track; through gullies, along the coastal line and show the many hidden secrets on our magnificent island – which the first settlers would have encountered. It will truly be a day of adventure and exploration.

Island Safari also has some other tours that you maybe interested in.

  • Land & Sea Safari Tours
  • Beach Safari Tours
  • Rum Shop Safari Tours

For more information on Island Safari Tours and rates click here.

Island Safari

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