Food & Wine and Rum Festival 2012


Food & wine and rum festivalMany Barbadians are eagerly anticipating the Food & Wine and Rum Festival 2012 event, which takes place from November 16th until November 19th, at various venues including Lion Castle, The Hilton, Sandy Lane and The Cliff.

Here is a list of some of the celebrity chefs, wine experts and mixologists, that you should expect to see (IF you can still get a ticket)!


Celebrity chef: Anne Burrell
Best known for: Food Network show ‘Chef Wanted’.
Don’t miss: Demonstration of her skills on November 17th at The Hilton Hotel.

Celebrity chef: Jose Garces
Best known for: Appearance on Food Network show Iron Chef America.
Don’t miss: The treats he will be serving up at Sandy Lane Hotel on Saturday November 17th.

Celebrity chef: Marcus Samuelsson
Best known for: Chef and owner of American Table Café and Bar, and Red Rooster Harlem Restaurant.
Don’t miss: His creative cooking techniques at The Hilton Hotel on Saturday November 17th or at The Cliff Restaurant on Sunday November 18th.

Celebrity chef: Mark McEwan
Best known for: TV show Top Chef Canada.
Don’t miss: What he’s cookin’ up at The Hilton Hotel on Sunday November 18th.

Celebrity chef: Paul Yellin
Best known for: His highly acclaimed cookbook Infusion – Spirited Cooking.
Don’t miss: Getting his autograph while you get up close and personal at his event on Sunday November 18th.

One of the very nicest things about life is the way we must regularly stop whatever it is we are doing and devote our attention to eating. -Luciano Pavarotti

Dinner by the sea     Anne Burell     Jose Garces

Marcus Samelsson     Mark McEwan     Paul Yellin

Sip and Swish

Celebrity wine expert: Joshua Wesson
Best known for: Being a leading authority on the pairing of wine and food.
Don’t miss: The chance to sample an amazing range of wines at his event at The Sandy Lane Hotel on November 17th.

Opening a bottle with friends creates instant conversation. Everybody has an opinion, nobody is wrong, and the whole point is to enjoy life. It’s hard to resist that combination.

Wine tasting     Josh Wesson     Wine and food

Mix it up

Celebrity mixologist: Chesterfield Browne
Best known for: Being a Bajan who created his own rum punch known as “Chester’s Own”.
Don’t miss: The chance to see him in action at The Hilton Hotel on Saturday November 17th.

It tastes great! And with the right food it’s incredible. Finding the right food and rum pairing can be sensory nirvana. Okay, so that’s a bit over the top. But it’s a great moment.

Rum     Chester Browne     Chester's own rum punch

You can get your ticket online here. Remember if you are buying tickets online, you need to bring your confirmation to the main entrance. All online tickets prices are in USD.

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