Best Ways to See Barbados in a Day


If you only have one day to explore the island on your Barbados holiday, you will probably want to experience as many different aspects of the island as possible. Luckily, there are many options available, whether you choose to take in the island by land or sea. These are the best ways to see Barbados in a day:

See the Island By boat

There’s incredible diversity in the ways to see the island by boat. Boat tours stay on the Caribbean side of the island because the waters are calmer and more tranquil than the rolling Atlantic Ocean. This means you get to enjoy a relaxing time of sun, sea and sand. Here are three suggestions for popular boat tours:

Atlantis Submarines

Did you ever think you would be riding in a submarine? Enjoy spectacular views of the vivid ocean life on these undersea tours. And if you want the best of both worlds, Atlantis also offer a Sub and See Combo which combines an underwater tour with a 2-hour bus tour to select destinations on the island.

Cool Runnings Catamaran Sailing Cruises

Cool Runnings offer a gorgeous sail for lunch or at sunset. Their cruises tend to be more sedate than some of the other sailing cruises on offer, which is ideal if you want to sightsee without the partying. Cool Runnings also offers private tours if you would like the ultimate romantic experience as you survey the stunning coastline.

Blue Reef Watersports Barbados

Marvin Sobers is renowned on the island for his tours with a traditional glass bottom boat. This type of tour is ideal for children and adults alike and provides the opportunity for snorkelling on a shipwreck. It’s a good combination of a sailing tour so you can see the coastline, while still being able to view the vibrancy of the sea life.

See the Island By road

Rather than renting a car, it’s recommended you go on either a guided tour, or hire your own driver. There is so much to see that it’s best if you have a local guide to help you along. Here are three suggestions for popular guided tours:

Island Routes 4×4 Jeep Safari

If adventure is your style, then you’ll be wowed by the 4×4 jeep safari tour. Traverse mixed terrain, on and off-road as you explore the eastern and north-eastern parts of the island. Several stops and a traditional Bajan buffet lunch are included on this action-packed tour. It’s the ideal mix of fun, culture and scenery. Notable stops include fishing village Bathsheba, Joes River Forest and Edge Cliff.

Viator Barbados Island and Beach Tour

This tour allows you to see popular sights on both the Caribbean and Atlantic sides of the island, which is ideal if you want a fuller understanding and experience of Bajan life. As well as sight-seeing, you will have photo opportunities and time to relax on the beach or snorkel at Carlisle Bay. That’s after you stop for a rum, of course!

Glory Tours

Glory Tours offer the most variety in their tour options. With specialty tours to satisfy specific interests, full-day and half-day options, you’ll have trouble deciding! However, for a full-day tour to maximise your one-day experience in Barbados, we recommend the Los Barbados Tour. This includes a tram tour of Harrison Caves, visit to surf spot, Bathsheba, and the Barbados Wildlife Reserve. For a taste of every aspect of Barbados, this is the one to beat.

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