Our Barbados Real Estate family is growing!


We have some great news to share with you! We’d like to welcome four new members to our Barbados real estate family at Island Gold Realty, and we’d like to give you a little insight into who they are.

At Island Gold Realty, we believe in “going the extra mile” for our customers as your total satisfaction is our number one priority! We pride ourselves on being a first class establishment with online and offline marketing programs that will give you the edge to sell or rent your property. Get in touch today!

Kylee LeeLum (Receptionist/Office Assistant)

Who am I really? I’ll start with all the boring formalities. My name is Kylee LeeLum. I am twenty-five years old and was born in Trinidad & Tobago. Now some substance! I am a mother, a wife and lover of life. I enjoy moments with loved ones and prefer the simple things.The far reaches for technology easily amaze me, but I tend to prefer the classics. I’m a lover of God, good food, good conversation and good company. I crush on culture and cocktails and my favourite thing to do is to laugh! My previous positions in the hospitality industry involved training and development, as well as implementing standards targeting quality customer service and staffing; some of which I plan on bringing to Island Gold Realty. Some assets which I bring to the team would be my organizational skills, innovative ideas and light-hearted, fun-loving nature. I am very excited to join the growing IGR family and to build new relationships, not only with the staff but also with our loyal clients and owners.

Kerri Barrow (Sales Associate)

Hi, I’m Kerri Barrow and I am one of the newest members to join Island Gold Realty’s family as a Sales/Rentals Agent. I am very passionate about taking on this role to further establish myself in the real estate industry. My aim is to make you, the client, comfortable and for you to enjoy the journey of finding properties best suited to your preferences; a process which can often be very taxing. I also strive to cater to my home owners who believe in my ability to find a prospective purchaser or tenant for their property. I will ensure that you too are comfortable and confident that your property lies in good hands. I would say that I am a workaholic and always aim for the best results. I cherish life and those loved ones dear to me. I have a few rules which I live by and that continue to guide me in the business industry and in my social life. I believe both aspects have an impact on the person you really are:
Create only what you can be proud of and what you can absolutely stand by.
Believe in your ultimate success and reaffirm it every single day.
Pursue your passion relentlessly. Pursue it in the light and in the dark, when you are weary and disappointed.
Believe in yourself. More than anything, every day, wake up and remember that you are meant to do this; that you are here for a reason and that being an entrepreneur and creating work that is worth doing, WILL lead to a legacy.

Lorraine Mckenzie (Property Manager)

Hi! I’m Lorraine McKenzie. Even though I joined Island Gold Realty in January of this year (2015) I already feel part of the Property Management family at Rockley. I am Bajan by birth with hints of Aussie cultural traits; educated and worked in both Barbados and Australia. Having lived and travelled extensively overseas, it’s benefited my 35 years being in the working world. My earlier career focus has been in the airline, travel and hospitality industries, however, I was naturally drawn to the real estate industry after having flipped a few properties since my first apartment in my twenties. Travel being my passion has taken me to some strikingly unusual, often very colourful and exciting distant countries with unfamiliar cultures, but Barbados has and always will be my first home! I look forward to meeting everyone, preferably over a glass of wine… 🙂

Delores Niles (Property Manager)

Hi everyone, my name is Delores and I’ve just started with this wonderful company Island Gold. I have worked in the Hospitality Industry for over 25 years in various positions and have worn several hats from the Food Industry to Operations in the Front of the House. I have honed my skills working in the New York City hotel industry as Front Office Manager, Executive Housekeeper, Guest Service Manager and Night Manager in Residential to Corporate Hotels and All-Suite to Luxury Hotels. From my many “hat’s”, this has given me a great advantage in understanding and providing the best service possible to our customer so that their holiday experience is exceptional. I look forward to working with Island Gold and meeting all of you in delivering an outstanding stay here in sunny Barbados.
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