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Co-Ownership of Property in Barbados

Co-ownership of property in Barbados

Where a property, whether land alone or land with a building on it, is owned not by a single person but by two or more persons, this in law is known as ‘co-ownership’. Married or...

Freehold Covenants in Barbados


Any purchaser of a developed freehold property in Barbados will most likely be legally bound by certain covenants restricting use of the property. On the other hand, a developer who...

Rights of Way in Barbados


Rockley Resort is a venerable and well-loved institution on the Barbadian tourism map. It has experienced some financial ups and downs, but it has survived through several changes of...

The condominium in Barbados

palm beach condo

Legal regime of condominium Condominium is essentially a legal regime governed in Barbados by the Condominium Act, Cap 224A. A developer who wishes to create such a regime must comply...